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Flirtey, an Australian firm that uses drones to deliver textbooks to customers, announced today it is partnering with the University of Nevada, Reno to ... (Read More)
The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) announced today that Ashima Devices, a Pasadena-based company known for ... (Read More)
The State of Nevada has received approval from the FAA through an official "Certificate of Authorization" (COA) to begin testing of a UAS application ... (Read More)
Cloud seeding may be the next frontier for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones, with potential global implications... (Read More)
Rapp to lead Business Development for Unmanned Aerial Systems at Reno-Stead Airport. Lt. Col. Warren Rapp, who was raised in Reno, has been selected... (Read More)
New U.S. Army contract funds initial phase of development of innovative autonomous aerial system... (Read More)
When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finalizes the regulations on commercial drones, as it is expected to do by end of 2015, an entirely new... (Read More)
The face of aviation is changing across the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced that Nevada has been selected... (Read More)
Contact us for information on locating your UAV Business at Reno-Stead Airport. Tina Iftiger, Vice President of Economic Development at tiftiger@... (Read More)
The Federal Aviation Administration announced six states on Monday that will develop test sites for drones, a critical next step for the march of the... (Read More)
University of Nevada, Reno partners with industry, state to enhance education, research and outreach in support of unmanned aerial system development... (Read More)