Master Plan Draft Chapters

Master Plan Draft Chapters

As the 16-month master plan process progresses, draft chapters will be posted and made available for public comment. Public comment can be sent to

Draft Introduction Chapter

The Introduction provides a brief overview of the master plan background and scope. View and download the draft Introduction. (Files size: 206 KB, 6 pages)

Draft Inventory Chapter

The Inventory documents the existing conditions at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The inventory includes information on the background, location, operations, facilities, environmental conditions, and finances of the airport.  This chapter will be updated before the end of the project in order to reflect 2016 actuals. View and download the draft Inventory. (File size: 11 MB, 115 pages)

Draft Aviation Forecasts Chapter

The Aviation Forecasts estimate enplanements (boardings), aircraft operations, and landed weights for both commercial passenger and air cargo, in addition to general aviation and military operations. Forecasts have been identified, using base-growth, low-growth, and high-growth scenarios for 2021, 2026, and 2036. View and download the draft Aviation Forecasts. (File size: 2.5 MB, 73 pages)

The next draft chapter, the Demand / Capacity Analysis and Facility Requirements chapter, is expected to be posted in June 2017.

If you would like to be notified when the new draft chapters are available, please submit your request by emailing

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